Investment Process

Investment Process

1Application submission

Application process is very simple. Visit and fill in the online form. Please try to include a pitch deck. This will make the application review process easier.

2Screening & selection

Once you have submitted, DTA will review it and if successful, you will be invited to the pitch night with the DTA investors.

Our pitch nights are usually held every month and are attended by DTA Founders and other potential angels’ investors.

3Pitching & decision

All companies selected to pitch to DTA will be invited to attend a pitch night. Each team will be given 15 minutes to present which will be followed by 10 minutes of Q&A with the DTA Founders and other investors. All startups pitching to DTA will be informed of the decision within 24 hours of pitching.

4Due Diligence

Once approved from the pitch stage, a selected team founders /Investors of DTA will conduct Due diligence. This process would take 2 weeks to one month. The response time will also be depended on the depth of information the startup is able to provide. The due diligence committee will decide based on the analysis whether an investment recommendation should eb made or not.

5Investment Approval

The Investment committee of Doha Tech Angels will be the final decision maker on the investment based on the recommendations given by the due diligence committee.

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