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Please review the whole of this page, and then complete our Application Form. It is mandatory that you fill in the application form. We encourage you to share as much information you can as it would only benefit you. It would be great if you can send us a pitch deck as well. You can email this to please note that the application has to be filled in.

While we are very encouraging of startups, we are focused on investing in startups that match our criteria. Please make sure that the following areas are applicable to your startup. If doesn’t, we encourage you to apply to us in the future.

  1. Must be a digital technology product, service or solution

  2. Should be having paying or nonpaying customers

  3. Should have a commercially ready product, service or solution

  4. Have more than one full time team member

  5. Already raised initial funding

If you meet the criteria listed above, you may fill out and submit an application for funding. You will need an Executive Summary and/or a Pitch Deck in PDF format (less than 25MB).

You will receive an email confirmation that we received your application. We receive applications each month, and we do our best to review applications in a timely manner.

We appreciate your patience.

Download Pitch Deck Criteria Application Form